Community Content Review Service

The Storytellers Vault and Dungeon Masters Guild are Websites/Community Content Creation Portals for World of Darkness and Dungeons and Dragons products.  That is to say, players are invited to create non canonical source books for use within the supported Game Lines.  Creators earn money through selling their products, and I am a firm supporter of community created content.  As such, in order to help drive the community and provide context/information for players considering purchase of community created products, I provide a review service.

What I will do for you

I will read your product and provide a detailed review, usually around 1000 words on this website.

This review will provide context for your product, including context on the game line in question as many visitors to this site are not World of Darkness fans but do take the time to read the reviews.  As Dungeons and Dragons is more commonly known, I will provide less context in these reviews.

I will provide an overview of the content.

I will highlight areas that I particularly thought were good.

Where there are areas that I feel didn’t deliver as well, I will highlight them with contextual information (I will outline why they were not areas I thought were great) and I will do so neutrally so the reader can make their own mind up.  This is because, with the best will in the world, people are biased.  So, if I don’t like something I will highlight it neutrally and state what I think is holding it back.  Readers are then free to agree or dismiss my comments.

I will, once my review is on my site, place a review on the appropriate community content Portal/Website, linking back to the main review.

What I will not do

As a general rule, I will not review more than one Product a Week.  More often than not I prefer to write reviews fortnightly and place other articles between them.  You may have to be patient as I Work through a Backlog.

I will never attack the work or author.

I will not distribute review copies.

I will not get hung up on spelling, passive language or Grammar…unless it is very prominent in the finished product.  If there is the odd mistake, I will highlight it to you privately or not mention it.  Books have errors in them from time to time.  It is no big thing.  Unless it is a big thing.

Relating to previous point.  I will not provide you with Proofreading Support on the strength of doing a review.


There is no charge for this service though I will require a review copy sent to me.  I will communicate timescales to applicants.  Timescales are dictated by order of receipt and length of document.  I have reviewed products several hundred pages and was happy to do it, but that sort of thing doesn’t happen overnight.  To apply for a review, please use the following contact form