Proofreading Service

If you are looking for some help tidying up grammar and spelling in your documents, then you need look no further.

What I will do for you

I will read your documents, multiple times, checking for spelling and grammatical errors.  I will check for variant spellings of commonly misspelled words, word repetition, and ambiguous phrasing.

I will give you an estimated time to completion, based on length of document.

For longer documents, I will proofread up to the first 200 words free so you can see how I operate.

What I will not do

I will not change your content.

I will not offer suggestions on alternative language.

I won’t let you down.



As a standard rule I charge £20 for proofreading of up to 1000 words.  For documents longer than 5000, I will negotiate with you.

Payment is done via paypal.  I take £20 deposit, and the balance once I am ready to send to you.

Full payment is required before delivery.