Creative Feedback Service

If you are looking for some feedback on a creative piece of work, that is useful and critical without being negative, then I can help you.

What I will do for you

I will send you a short list of questions to help providing feedback.

I will read your creative work, from start to finish, and then reread adding commentary on creative elements of the work.

I will highlight things that are ambiguous, or areas where you could be doing or wording things differently.

I will provide context when I believe something is not working so you can make your own mind up.

I will highlight areas that are working well/achieving your objectives.

If you provide work in an MS word compatible format, I will provide in text commentary and a summary at the end.

What I will not do

I will never reject work based on genre.  MY preference is irrelevant to the process of feedback.

I will not give the same level of attention to spellings as I would whilst performing a Proof Reading Service (unless you opt for the higher rate).

I will never make feedback personal.

I won’t let you down.


As Standard I charge £30 for anything up to the first 3000 Words, then £10 per 1000 after that up to a maximum of 15000.  For longer documents, we will need to discuss pricing.

If you wish for me to do Proofreading as well, then my rate changes to £45 for the first 3000 words, and £15 per 1000 thereafter up to 15000 words.

Regardless of rate, I take £15 deposit at the outset and payment in full before I send my feedback.