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gamerulesWelcome to It’s More than Just Gaming. My name is John, and I am very happy that you have landed on my page.  I am a writer and a gamer, and you will find both here.

This site is devoted to gaming and other geeky things that gamers will probably enjoy.  You will find my experiences of gaming, my thoughts on kickstarters, some geeky jokes and The Mycroft Journals, an in character account of a Vampire the Dark Ages campaign I am playing in, here.  In the future, I hope also to use this site as a platform to promote my written work, a lot of which is created with gamers in mind.  And just a final note.  I include a lot of links on the assumption that people reading about stuff might be interested in getting stuff.  As such it is only fair to note that I am an affiliate of Drivethru RPG (and the companion sites), so anytime you click a link  on this site to Drivethru and purchase stuff, you are actually supporting me as well, which is appreciated.  I am not affiliated with any other websites.

By the way – the Dog meme, I don’t own it, and actually don’t know who created it.  I just think the dog is awesome, and the joke is funny.


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