Dungeons & Dragons Iron Empire Actual Play – Chapter 2 part 1 “Kingstown”

Hello everyone, welcome.  Please find attached the third part of my Dungeons & Dragons actual play, set in my Homebrew Setting – The Iron Empire.

In this session I am joined by Pete, playing Mori Halffist, Dwarven Monk and Apothecary of dubious morale standards and Amy from Writing into the Ether, playing Violetta, a Human Druid of mysterious origin.

Session three includes a Dragonborn antiques dealer, a gnomish gangster and the worst sporadic sound effect I have ever created…

You can listen to PART 1 HERE

You can listen to PART 2 HERE



The thumbnail is for an improvised battlemap with a player’s artist’s impression of what they were fighting…
I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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