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Dungeons & Dragons Iron Empire Actual Play – Chapter 1 part 2 “The Mariner Fens”

Hello everyone, welcome.  Please find attached the second part of my Dungeons & Dragons actual play, set in my Homebrew Setting – The Iron Empire.

In this session I am joined by Pete, playing Mori Halffist, Dwarven Monk and Apothecary of dubious morale standards and Amy from Writing into the Ether, playing Violetta, a Human Druid of mysterious origin.

Session 2 sees the party venturing into the swamplands, the Mariner Fens, in search of a relic of a long lost kingdom.  I hope you enjoy.  Incidentally, if you haven’t heard part one you can access it HERE

Let me know what you are thinking of the game so far!

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