The MMORPG Roleplaying Game Show

Hello everyone, welcome!  Today I am going to be sharing another video taken whilst at the UK Games Expo 2018, this time of the MMORPG Roleplaying Game Show run by Paul Flannery, creator of Knightmare Live and one of the players in Live RPG Plus.  The MMORPG Roleplaying Game Show sees three audience members be invited onto the stage to run through a quick adventure, GM’d by Paul, but of course it is an adventure with a difference!  (including around 10% of the same Paul Flannery Jokes as anything else he has been in) There is none of your standard DnD stuff!  Aside from the Wizard, Rogue and Fighter, but aside from that everything is just a little bit zany thanks to wacky players and audience participation.

Now, the eagle eyed and critically minded of you will probably have noted the featured image at the top is not brilliant.  The truth is, I didn’t get many good photos of the MMORPG Roleplaying Game Show because I got to be one of the contestants (Yay!).  So that was good news for me.  This involved me being a fairly pacifist fighter, who had to ad lib the reason that a race of Food Blenders lost a war to potatoes.  Yup, that is how wacky it was!  And, every time we rolled a natural 20, there was high fiving and changing of seats, all to the music of the best song in the entire world  (As stated by Paul, but he wasn’t telling anything I didn’t already know!)  And if you want to find out about that music, how food blenders lost, why we were talking about food blenders warring with potatoes in the first place, then you’ll need to watch the video!  Enjoy!

(Full disclosure, there were a couple of times we had to leave the stage but my camera was on a tripod so I couldn’t film that as it couldn’t follow us.  This was minimal)

Yes.  I am that physically awkward.  I hope you enjoyed watching as much as I enjoyed playing (and rewatching.  I missed the pie game the first time…)

All the best

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