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The Games Master’s Toolkit – A Roleplay Feature

Hello everyone, welcome.  Just a short post today to introduce a feature I decided to do about roleplay.  This will not be a weekly feature, so much as it will be something that will crop up on the site from time to time and will be searchable in the menus in the top banner.  I am calling this feature

“The Games Master’s Toolkit”

Last year I wrote a whole series about what makes a great game, at least for me, and that was very much about all the factors coming together.  Certainly, as with the rules in roleplay games, anything I have said before or will say in the future can be treated as guidelines more than rules, and stuff that you are free to disregard if you don’t think it will work for you.  This time I will be talking about individual things that, as a Games Master, you can do to make your games more challenging and fun.

Areas that I will certainly be looking at are:-

Use of Maps

Re-skinning adversaries

Out of the box adventures

Dice versus GM Fiat.

and anything else that I come up with.  The fact of the matter is these things happen when I play with other folks


And that is all for today.  Keep your eyes peeled for the first update!

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