World of Smog: Rise of Moloch – Unboxing

Hello all, welcome.  Today I am doing an unboxing of the game, World of Smog by Cool Mini or Not and Guillotine Games.  World of Smog: Rise of Moloch (It’s full title) is a Victorian Adventure game set in a Steam Punk London where players take the roles of Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club.  The Gentleman of the Unicorn Club being a mixture of bored elite, mad scientists, monsters and magic users.  Players take these characters and play against the Nemesis, played by another player.  In many respects the game feels similar to Descent, Doom, Imperial Assault or even Heroquest.  So, without further adieu, let us look inside the box.

And as is customary, I have taken photographs

Players and Nemesis secretly decide on the activation order of their characters and keep track of this on the activation boardThe Nemesis can keep track of how many times Gentleman are neutralised, along with the powers on the Nemesis Board

During intermissions, Gentlemen can visit various stores and other locations to get upgrades, weapons and other short term power ups

Gentleman can take one stack of 2 gear in the intermission.

Artifacts are slightly more powerful one shot items that gentlemen can acquire during the intermission

Gentleman can also take equipment from the Arsenal

A selection of equipment from the Royal Arsenal

A selection of equipment from the Expert Arsenal

A selection of Moloch Stone Equipment

A selection of Monster Upgrades

A selection of Mekmancer Upgrades

A selection of Knight Upgrades

A selection of Dilettante Upgrades

A selection of Arcanist Upgrades

The Nemesis gets a selection of Chaos Cards to aid in their nefarious deeds

Gentlemen who have sustained significant injury gain torment cards

The Gentlemen can choose from a number of roles in each adventure

Some helpful cheat cards are provided in World of Smog

The game uses D6s for combat, but the faces are not numerical

And now, onto the miniatures…

Drago of the Unicorn Club

Walther Cavendish of the Unicorn Club

Emma Swanson of the Unicorn Club

Abigail Sutherland of the Unicorn Club

Major Dreadful of the Unicorn Club


Allies (1) of the Unicorn Club

Allies (2) of the Unicorn Club - the London Bobbies

and now that we have seen the heroes, onto the villains!

Enemies of the Unicorn Club - the Killer Clowns

Enemies of the Unicorn Club - the Shambling and Dismembered Zombies

Enemies of the Unicorn Club - the flaming and royal guard zombies

Of course there are more than just minion enemies…

The Lamia Nemesis Agent

The Hammersmiths Nemesis Agent

The Ira Kodich Nemesis Agent

Tobias and Emerson Nemesis Agents

The Madame Edwarda Nemesis Agent

Titus and Damon Smith Nemesis Agents

The High Priest Nemesis Agent

and finally, the biggest of them all.

And that is the miniatures and cards for World of Smog: Rise of Moloch.  I say this frequently, and I shall say it again.  It looks awesome, and I look forward to playing it, despite it’s evident similarities to other games I am acquainted – perhaps not a problem since I very much like them.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Keep an eye out for in the near future when I start unboxing the expansions.  Bye for now!

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3 thoughts on “World of Smog: Rise of Moloch – Unboxing

  1. Annoying little voice (again): ” You know it’s Monday right? You know how John said last week that you had to keep your eyes open on his blog on that day right? ”
    Me: ” I am not listening to you…lalalalalalalalala ”
    Annoying little voice: ” But it would be very disrespectful of you to not go and check out his post….you promised ”
    Me: ” Sigh….why are you always right….”
    Oh my god…this game looks way to cool for it’s own right…but…I am actually very happy, as I see this one can’t be played solo. And these days I’m simply only buying games that have solo rules as I just have too hard a time finding players. But…that said, it’s an awesome looking game. Can totally understand your enthusiasm for this 😊😊

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