Zombicide: Green Horde Unboxing

Hello everyone, welcome!  For those of you that stopped by Monday, you will be aware that I recieved my copy of Zombicide: Green Horde and as a result of that I have been working feverishly to get an unboxing video done and some photos taken.  And so here it is.  I should say it is only the core set, the exclusives are not due for a couple of months yet.  You’ll get a separate post for them.  Anyway, on to Zombicide: Green Horde.

Lets have a look at the miniatures, and given that it is Zombicide: Green Horde it is only appropriate to start with Orcs.

Zombicide_ Green Horde Orc Abomination

Zombicide_ Greeh HordeOrc Fatties

Zombicide_ Green HordeOrc Walkers

Zombicide_ Green HordeOrc Runners

I should point out, that you get significantly more Zombies than this.  This was just one line from one half tray.  There are about 9 lines total.  These photos are to showcase different sculpts.  You do only get one Abomination.  And one necromancer.

Zombicide_ Green HordeOrc Necromancer

You also get a piece of Siege Equipment in this game…

Zombicide_ Green HordeTrebuchet

And, what you have been waiting for.  The Heroes.

Zombicide_ Green HordeAsim

Zombicide_ Green HordeBerin

Zombicide_ Green HordeJohannes

Zombicide_ Green HordeRolf

Zombicide_ Green HordeSeli

Zombicide_ Green Horde Megan

And those are the heroes that you get in the core box for Zombicide: Green Horde.  Keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts with the Kickstarter Exclusives in them.  Next up, we have cards.  I am not going to include exhaustive lists, rather I have selected a few so you can get an idea for the game.

Zombicide_ Green HordeOrc Activation Cards

Zombicide_ Green HordeStarter Gear and Trebuchet

Zombicide_ Green HordeVault Items

Zombicide_ Green HordeSearchItem Cards

and last but not least, let us have a look at some of the tiles

Zombicide_ Green HordeThe Tiles (some of them)

So, that is my quick look in the Zombicide: Green Horde box.  I am quite looking forward to the next time we get to play, though given the backlog my groups have, it might be a little while before it makes it onto this website.  Hope you enjoyed.

Bye for now!


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7 thoughts on “Zombicide: Green Horde Unboxing

  1. Honestly: I should not even be looking at this post as I have the original game, but besides opening the box: I have never played it. (I did play normal Zombicide though). But wow this box looks awesome 😍😍 Maybe is should just skip a few movies this weekend and start playing somw games 😀 Great post!

    1. I have both games and honestly Black Plague is such a better game than the original. Would definitely recommend giving it a go.

    1. It is fun. I like Black Plague more than the core set as I like medieval fantasy. I think Green Horde will be interesting

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