Gloomhaven – An Unboxing Video!

Hello everyone, and welcome to you.  Today I am quite excited to be sharing my Unboxing of the game Gloomhaven.  Gloomhaven is a Kickstarter I backed last year, for the second printing of the game.  I was immediately interested in the game as it is based heavily on RPG Dungeon Crawls, where players take the rolls of Heroes venturing forth from the town of Gloomhaven.  There is a beautiful campaign board that gets stickers added to it as you progress and complete scenarios, and there are personal quests and adventures available that act as goals for specific characters.  And, along the way, the better you do in your adventures the more prosperous Gloomhaven becomes, meaning more stuff in the market to buy and new characters start at higher levels.  I may well do a more comprehensive how to play at a later point.  I have read the rules once and they are scarier than any of the monsters you might face!  On this post I will concentrate on the unboxing, and then share some images afterwards as at the time of recording, I didn’t know what everything in the box was.  Enjoy!

And I said the rulebook was a monster!  The box nearly killed my posty because I live on the top floor of a block of flats.  Can’t wait until my other Kickstarters show up.  Bet he can’t either…

Anyway, that was a long quick peek in the box.  However, since I didn’t know what everything was I took some photos and am sharing them with you now.

Rulebook, Campaign Book, Extra Scenarios & Town Records from Gloomhaven

So, we have the monster rulebook, a campaign book with 90 scenarios for the campaign, the red and grey thing on the right is a booklet of additional scenarios I bought at kickstarter and the Town Records is sealed.  You unseal it when a character achieves their goals for the first time and read it until it tells you to stop.  I am really really excited for that as I don’t know what to expect.

The Beautiful Campaign Board for Gloomhaven

There is a full campaign board, some of which I accidentally chopped off in this picture.  Each location that has a quest has a grid reference, a location and a sticker.  The map evolves as you play.  You can also track global achievements on this board as well as Gloomhaven’s Prosperity.

The Campaign Map also Zooms in on Gloomhaven City

Of course there are going to be quests within the city, as well as city events that need their own locations, so the top right of the board zooms in on the city.  It is just awesome.  And to be honest, you could easily use this board for your own DnD purposes should you find the need.  I won’t but you could.

The Gloomhaven Map evolves as the Campaign is played.With stickers!

On the left you can see the various achievements that can be gained which unlock certain features.  On the right you have the various locations that eventually become unlocked through play.

The monsters of Gloomhaven are beautifully drawn ontocard standees. Look at the horseman!

So, the mountain of cardboard I plowed through in the box was room tiles, obstacles and these gorgeous monsters.  The Dragon is awesome, but I am just loving the headless horseman.  Because why not?

In Gloomhaven, each class of hero has a player board,ability deck, combat deck and miniature

There are 6 available classes at the start of gameplay all with the above.  However, as various quests and scenarios are completed, other classes become available for play.  It is expected that a single player will play multiple characters over a campaign allowing the to experience various play styles.

A deck of Dungeon Rooms, and a Deck of MonstersEffectsallows you to create Random Dungeons in Gloomhaven

If you are concerned that 90 plus scenarios in a campaign, that can be replayed casually once completed, is not enough for you, Gloomhaven has the facility to randomly generate dungeons for you.  How cool is that?

Road Cards add random encounters to Gloomhavenwhich can be good. Or bad, depending on your actions...

Travelling from town to your adventure, or between adventures is hazardous.  And road cards present mini scenarios with two choices for the party to decide on each time they travel.  Some responses are very good.  Some responses are very bad.  This adds to the drama and the feel of an untamed wilderness full of monsters.  There are also city encounters, which tend to be a bit more positive, that you can choose to have upon returning to the city.

When players create a character in Gloomhaven,they receive a starting quest

When creating a character, each player is given two main quests.  They pick one to be their character’s “Goal” and return the other.  Upon completion of their quest, they retire.  Retirement has a number of positive impacts for both the player and Gloomhaven.  Not least of which is there are a number of sealed boxes and envelopes that might just get opened as a result, unlocking new classes and stuff.

Starting a scenario in Gloomhaven, players get battle objectives. Completing some unlock side quests...

Truthfully, those last two card stacks don’t belong in the same image.  But I am committed now.  When players start a scenario they get a battle objective.  If the scenario succeeds and they complete the objective they get the number of tick marks at the base of the card on the notes section of their character sheet.  Three tick marks mean they gain an extra perk.  And they can gain six extra perks this way.  As a reward for completing some scenarios, sidequest cards are drawn and areas unlocked.

As the Gloomhaven Campaign progresses, more and moreequipment and magical items become available

As with any self respecting RPG, one of the goals is treasure and cool equipment.  And in that respect, Gloomhaven cannot disappoint.  There are shop items that are available for purchase, the list of available items increasing as Gloomhaven’s prosperity increases.  And, as you adventure you find designs for weapons (as I understand it), that are added to the Market.  And there are things available from specific quests, which get ticked off a list in the back of the quest book once it they are found.  I have to admit I have not recently peaked at the list, though I imagine if I did I would be rubbing my hands with glee.


So that is a bit more detail of what I found in the video.  Admittedly, there are a handful of card types that I haven’t covered here.  There were lots of different combat decks all, which I did show in the video though they are relatively self explanatory.

So, let me know what you think in the comments below.  Does this game sound interesting?  Do you own it and if so, what are your experiences?  Though, no spoilers please!


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    1. I haven’t played either as we only get to do board games a couple of times a fortnight at the minute and we are working through a Kickstarter backlog and gloomhaven is a huge commitment but I think worth the wait. Thanks for reading!

  1. There is a voice in my head that says: “you are not going to read this post….and you will absolutely not watch that video”. Me: ignored voice, read post, clicks on video. Voice in my head “Now you are doomed”. Me…..yup, I’m lost alright, as this game looks seriously amazing 😀😀😀
    Awesome post! And great video. Hope the game is as good as it looks 😉

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