An Unboxing of Scrooge – The Boardgame

Hello everyone, welcome.  Today I am going to be doing a short post to promote an unboxing video I have done for Scrooge the Boardgame.  I will also be sharing some photos of components below as they weren’t especially clear on the video.

For those of you who have been here before, you will know that I have written about this game before as I was afforded the opportunity to do a Kickstarter Preview.  If you want to have a look at that post, and learn a bit about the game you can click on the hyperlink to Scrooge – The Boardgame – Coming to Kickstarter September 2017!

Within 2 months of the Kickstarter Ending, and in time for Christmas, Scrooge arrived.  Round of applause, I know of no other Kickstarter who managed that.  Anyway, here is my unboxing video.  Enjoy.

As the pictures were not clear and because folks are likely to want to get a better look, here are some photos of the cards.

Ghost Cards from Scrooge - The Boardgame

Scrooge's Bag of Tricks Cards in Scrooge - the Boardgame

Scrooge's Moneybox Card from Scrooge - The Boardgame

Heroes & Villains cards from Scrooge - The Boardgame

Character Bios from Scrooge - The Boardgame

Character Standees from Scrooge - The Boardgame

So that is a quick look inside the box.  Do click on the hyperlink above if you are interested in more detail on gameplay.  All the best!

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5 thoughts on “An Unboxing of Scrooge – The Boardgame

  1. Talk about a speedy delivery and great timing! Really nicely done. I already said the game looks really cool, and to really see it unboxed now, it looks even cooler than the first time I saw this. I hope you are going to enjoy it, and it really seems like the perfect Christmas game to play (I hope you won’t be visited by any Christmas ghosts though).
    Also Godzilla with a Christmas hat: it can’t get any better than that 😂 Great post!

    1. Yeah, they were really quick in delivery and ontime which impresses me, and all the bits and bobs are awesome quality. Actually, I have a transformers Christmas Jumper on the way…

    1. We got a chance to play test a while back and it was good. Doesn’t look like the rules have changed so that to look forward to

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