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An Unboxing of Scrooge – The Boardgame

An Unboxing of Scrooge - The Boardgame

Hello everyone, welcome.  Today I am going to be doing a short post to promote an unboxing video I have done for Scrooge the Boardgame.  I will also be sharing some photos of components below as they weren’t especially clear on the video.

For those of you who have been here before, you will know that I have written about this game before as I was afforded the opportunity to do a Kickstarter Preview.  If you want to have a look at that post, and learn a bit about the game you can click on the hyperlink to Scrooge – The Boardgame – Coming to Kickstarter September 2017!

Within 2 months of the Kickstarter Ending, and in time for Christmas, Scrooge arrived.  Round of applause, I know of no other Kickstarter who managed that.  Anyway, here is my unboxing video.  Enjoy.

As the pictures were not clear and because folks are likely to want to get a better look, here are some photos of the cards.

So that is a quick look inside the box.  Do click on the hyperlink above if you are interested in more detail on gameplay.  All the best!

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