A Question for the Regular Readers

Hello everyone.  Welcome.  Today I am seeking the opinions of folks who regularly visit this website, so once you have made it to the end of this post, I really would like to hear from you.

I started this website earlier this year.  It is probably my most successful attempt at blogging in my life.  I have made various previous attempts that have all been less successful for one reason or another.  I have treated this website as a niche blog focusing on gaming, because that is a hobby of mine that I am passionate enough to write about.  I should also say that I am passionate about writing itself, and when I started this site I did it as a way to get some name recognition and establish a presence on the web.  I believe I have managed that, albeit a very small one though I expect a continual upward trend.  However as I near the end of my first year I have really been thinking about my purpose in having a website.

So, here it is.  I am a writer.  I write fiction, and I write blogs.  And I have been known to edit other peoples’ work on request.  I have recently been writing fantasy fiction, though it is on hiatus as I am in the process of writing an RPG sourcebook for a community content portal.  All of which I suspect you will think is cool, or at the very least, is fine but you might be wondering why I am telling you this.  And the answer to that is, I had an idea for a change and I wanted to know how the folks that regularly read my stuff would view it.  The folks that stumble on individual blogs on one off occasions, am pretty sure they will not even be affected.

The idea I had was to change the layout and purpose of the site.  The Purpose would change to be my Author/Writer website, rather than a niche blog.  It would change format to have a static front page announcing that you have arrived at It’s More than Just Gaming, the Author Website of me.  It would have a blog button at the top (or somewhere) which would allow folks to navigate to the blogroll, and I would split up by tags or category to allow easier navigation.  I have tried merging my passion for games and writing before, unsuccessfully, however I believe I can do a better job of it this time and the solution is around purpose.  Previously when I combined the two, I simply had a blog.  That is not to demean blog writing – I obviously don’t as you know how prolific I am.  However, if I change the purpose of my site to be that of an Author site, which would incorporate a blog then I think I can rationalise it all in my head.  After all,  writers are encouraged to write daily and write what they know.  So, it is only natural to include all of my public writing on an author site.  So, that would the gaming stuff.  However, it would also start to include writing and book stuff too.

You are probably still wondering why you are here.  So, let me try and take my previous paragraph and bullet point it.  These points are if I decide to go ahead.

  • This site would have a static front page.  It would basically replace my about page, and would talk about writing and gaming as well as me
  • All of my gaming posts would still be here.  They are basically unaffected, though you would need to click a button, if you land on the front page, to get to them
  • I would have creative writing/book themed posts too.
  • The different subject matters would be findable by use of menu navigation or if I can figure out a more graphic solution, I will do that.

My question to you is basically – what do you think?

I’ll break that down.  Would it bother you at all?  Would it appear weird, talking about games, books and writing all on one site?  Would you be interested in the other content?  Would you be put off?  Is this more or less interesting to you?

Ok.  I have said enough.  Thanks for reading, in general and today, and now it is over to you.  Your thoughts, please.

Have an awesome day!

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24 thoughts on “A Question for the Regular Readers

  1. As a gamer, AND a reader, and one who reads your blog regularly, I think this sounds like a good idea – especially if it helps you keep track of things more easily.

    And it gives those of us who come here (mainly) for the gaming posts to get to know about the other things you get up to! 🙂

    1. Thank you. Though you will never find out about every second wednesday! Never! Except when I am playing games and silly things happen and I feel compelled to share!

  2. It’s completely fair to change and modify your site as you begin to refine what you want your focus to be. I think as long as you’re not completely abandoning all the gaming stuff (which I know you’re not), adding new things is just exciting! And if it works better for you, that’s what’s most important.

    1. Thank you, and you are quite right. I am not abandoning my current posting schedule at all, not even reducing it. Currently I do two game posts a week (with sometimes a half post in between) and a writing post elsewhere. I aim to keep that schedule, at least for the foreseeable future anyway. Thanks

  3. I think that’s a great idea, especially if writing original work is something that you have a passion for. I know I enjoy reading fantasy and playing games so I think it would be a great idea for you to merge the two and update your site.

  4. Publish and be damned. I don’t think that anyone who currently follows the blog because they’re a gamer will be massively put out by clicking a sub header link (as long as you’re still posting story url’s to social media for more casual followers like me) and future. generations won’t know any different. If it’s easier and more stream lined for you freeing up time for content generation then go for it.

    1. Confession time – I was going to. But I wanted to try and spot any bumps in the road before I hit them. It won’t happen at once. I need to go back through all of my historic posts and add some new tags so that I can organise stuff and make it easy for new arrivals to access. And it will always post to social media, though am seriously thinking about a mail chimp at this point too…

    1. Afraid not. Possibly I am overworking WordPress as I have updated a lot of older posts that had cross linking and stuff. So, no. I got a like notification but not a comment

  5. This is what I wrote: Hmm….I hardly read your blog at all….😂😂😂 Sorry, my attempt at humor sometimes really annoys me. In all seriousness though: I really enjoy reading your blog. The pieces on games are informative and always very interesting to read. (Even though my wallet at times does not agree with me 😂).

  6. As long as that content does not change, I would say: go for it. If it helps you in creating an easier and more accesible blog for yourself, I think it’s a very good idea to do so. I will continue to read your blog with as much enjoyment as I am doing right now. Keep up the great work, and looking forward to hoe it’s all going to look after the changes that you have done 😊

    1. It did, awesome. In response to your one query (sortof), the content will increase. All the games stuff will continue, there will simply be writing and book stuff too, though it should be fairly obvious from titles what you are getting before you have to commit to 1000 or so of my words. We go there!

  7. Book themed posts are cool. I think you should write about what you want, whenever you want. I mean this is your writing space and people will still be here to read what you post.

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