Brotherhood without Banners – Game of Thrones Card game Chapter pack unboxing

Hello everyone, today I am doing another unboxing video for Game of Thrones the Card Game.  This time, the Brotherhood without Banners.

This is a really cool little chapter pack with a lot of things that link with this cycle, relating to the Bestow keyword.  I  have a hunted out a number of cards that I think are my favourite from this pack.

Warrior's Braid, Ranger's Bow, Horn Hill, Sansa's Maid, Favors from the Crown, Unbridled Generosity cards for Game of thrones card games

The Warrior’s Braid for the Targaryens continues a theme I have seen in that it tends to bolster one individual, presumably Daenerys as she is the force that holds her armies together so it makes sense that the Targaryen deck would focus on bolstering her.  The Ranger Bow is a cool attachment giving a bonus to Night’s Watch characters, particularly when on the defensive.  And as my Night’s Watch deck has a lot of builders in it, which leads to a combo that allows the deck to find attachments this should be easy to field.  Horn Hill adds solid Martial Strength, which would go well with one of they Tyrell Knights or Randal Tarly.  Which is appropriate as that is his home.  Sansa’s maid is not one I would field often, unless I was building a deck around Catelyn Stark, However the fact that her ability adds strength to all the Ladies is really powerful.  I can perhaps see that being used in a Tyrell deck with a Stark Agenda, given the volume of Ladies the Tyrells have.

Favors from the Crown is just great if you have a lot of bestow abilities in your deck, suddenly they are even more potent.    Unbridled Generosity is great for the exact same reason.

It probably seems strange that neither the Brotherhood Without Banners Agenda or Berric Dondarrion made it into my favourite cards.  Lord Berric is quite a potent card, however I feel I would have to build an entire neutral deck around him, and at the moment I have no particular desire to do that.  The same is true of the Brotherhood Agenda.  Perhaps someone can help me out, explaining the advantages?  That would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading and watching!  Bye for now!


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  1. Man, these cards look so cool: the artwork truly is phenomenal. That’s why I really hate Fantasy Flight Games. Their products always have such an incredibly low production value lol 😂😂😂

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