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Scrooge the Board Game – Kickstarter now Live

Hello everyone.  A wee while ago I did a preview post for Scrooge the Board Game, a pretty cool looking competitive board game set in a Dickensian world.  Basically fun for the whole family.  You can read my original post, and video, HERE.  I am posting a second time as Scrooge is now live on Kickstarter, and is over halfway towards target but still needs support.  So am sharing some of their Kickstarter page here.  The game is fun, the delivery estimate is very quick (even allowing for usual Kickstarter delays…) and the price is very reasonable.  Check them out, and share with folks that might be interested is all I ask.  Click on the link after the excerpt to go to the full Kickstarter page



About this project

There can only be one victor in this fast-paced, nail biting survival adventure. You’ll explore 56 uniquely inspired streets and interact with 5 innovative decks of cards that will either help or hinder you in your quest to be the first player to out-scrooge, Scrooge and beat him in his Moment of Truth.

Scrooge is a classic board game experience people will know and love, blended with modern day mechanics (set collection, tactical hand management and press your luck).

via Scrooge The Board Game by Simon Gerring — Kickstarter


Don’t be shy, the creator’s are a friendly bunch.

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