Whitehall Mystery, a new game set in same world as Letters from Whitechapel, announced

Hello folks welcome.  Just another share of a Fantasy Flight Games announcement today, about a new game set in the same world s Letters from Whitechapel.  For anyone unfamiliar, Letters from Whitechapel is a hidden movement game where one player takes the roll of Jack the Ripper, whilst the other players are the police trying to catch him with the streets of London as the playing area.  I have never played Letters, but I have played Fury of Dracula which is in the same genre (Hidden Movement).  Click the hyperlink to read my article about that.  Otherwise have a look at the excerpt and follow the link back to Fantasy Flight to get the full details.


And now everyone is speculating as to whether the shadow of Jack the Ripper lurks behind this mysterious Whitehall murder. I think that if gentlemen like myself wasted a little less time on the newspapers’ fabrications and instead rolled up their sleeves, we would live in a better city.
– Jasper T.C. Waring, journalist

After the savagery of Jack the Ripper’s murder spree shocked all of London, it was a criminally short amount of time before a new series of grisly horror occurred in October of 1888. A bundle of human remains was discovered at the construction site of the new Scotland Yard and, while investigators were reluctant to admit any connection to the Ripper murders, the media and the public remained convinced that Jack had returned to mock the police, leaving a total of four limbs scattered throughout the Whitehall District.

In Whitehall Mystery, the new standalone game in the Letters from Whitechapel series, players become both Jack the Ripper and investigators of the Metropolitan Police. This time, players maneuver through a new, smaller district of London, moving from Whitechapel to Whitehall. Before you begin your evasion or pursuit through the streets of London, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer you a preview of the vibrant and dangerous Whitehall District, the setting of Whitehall Mystery.



via A New Horror in London – Fantasy Flight Games


Any Letters from Whitechapel players out there?  What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Whitehall Mystery, a new game set in same world as Letters from Whitechapel, announced

  1. Yep, I keep saying it: Fantasy Flight games should simply be ordered to stop making new products lol 😂 Just kidding ofcourse, this looks really great. I’ve never played the original game myself, but I like the overall theme. With all the other great games still heading our way though, I doubt I will buy this one. 😊

    1. I read the rules for the original. I don’t have it but a friend does. It looked good and I enjoy fury of dracula. Your fantasy flight is my Kickstarter and superman’s kryptonite

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