It’s more than just the UK Gaming Expo part 3: Being a guest

Hello everyone, you are very welcome here.

In this post I am going to talk a bit about my experience going round the UK Gaming Expo as a guest, however, unfortunately, I won’t be able to give my thoughts on everything available as I only really had time to wander round the trade stalls and have a chat with some developers to see what stuff is available that I had never heard of.  I have picked out my favourites to write about today.

Dead Throne

Dead Throne Game Board and Flyer
Game board and flyer

Dead Throne (On KS from 1st June 2017, so, now…) is billing itself as an open world RPG set in the realm Veles of where all the players are vying for the throne of Lirenor.  I got to see a prototype set up and I have to say, the production quality is high and it looks awesome.   I am going to do a full write in a future post, so I will leave it at that just now – suffice it to say, it looks amazing and it was the first thing that stood out to me at the Expo Trade Hall.  I would say the Kickstarter Goal is quite high, however if the project doesn’t fund you lose nothing by backing it and last I checked there were quite a lot of Early Bird pledges left.


Pototype for the game Scrooge
Scrooge – A game of Dickensian fun

Colourful things draw my eye, as you might expect (I am a bit of a gamer magpie) and the booth for Scrooge definitely fell into that category.  Hitting Kickstarter in September, Scrooge is a competitive game where players attempt to out-Scrooge Scrooge…and each other.   They travel the board trying to make money, dealing with nightmares and ghosts and other obstacles and resources.  I liked this as all the characters in it were from various Dickens books, and that was just fun.  It also looks like a good Christmas game for a bunch of friends or family to have a laugh about.  Will talk more about this game in the future when I have more to say.

Modern Horrors

Modern Horrors Box
Satirical, fun and short – which is why I like it. It reminds me of me…


As part of my trek around the Expo I found myself talking to Nick Swift, creator of the Card Game Modern Horrors.  He very kindly gave me a copy to review, so I will do full post shortly.  Suffice to say, Modern Horrors is a fast paced game that pokes fun at modern life, with hilarious artwork and satirical stereotypes.  Keep your eyes peeled for the future post, it will be worth it.

Great Scott

Great Scott Game
Great Scott! I invented the Personal Handheld Blurry Cam!

My eye strayed and saw Gloomhaven written above one of the stalls, and since I was a backer I thought I would visit.  The stall was selling reuseable stickers for Gloomhaven (Gloomhaven has a legacy element), and I thought I would get some.  Unfortunately they were sold out.  However I then spotted Great Scott!  Great Scott! is a deck drafting game from Sinister Fish.  Players build crazy inventions from the various cards, and then have to describe their utility.  From discussions with the helpful girl at the stall, you can win based on the points value of the invention or just your hilarious descriptions.  It is something I will need to acquire at some point…



James Hayball Art

James Hayball Artist
It wasn’t all just gaming…

Yeah, it wasn’t all just gaming.  Like with a Comicon, there were artists and writers showing off their stuff.  James Hayball was one such artist, and I have to say his work was fantastic.  I was drawn to the top middle piece which looked like Dystopian Chinatown – which it basically was.  Then I saw the one top left, the castle being attacked by the face in the sky.  It was phenomenal.  There was also an Ultramarine Dreadnought from Warhammer 40k which, as an Occasional Dark Angels Player, I had to disapprove of.  Not because the art was poor, it wasn’t.  Simply because Ultramarines are boring.  However, the art was good and I reckon I’ll be getting some to frame and if you like his stuff, then you can find him on the James Hayball Facebook Page

Erdenstern Music

Music for your adventures


In my recent post Gaming leads to other media I talked briefly about some people playing music to set the mood for their games.  Aside from once using Oh Fortuna! that I recorded from Excalibur (long before spotify or I knew about youtube) to add atmosphere to a cavalry charge, it is not something I tend to do.  However, it is good to know that there are folks who actually put together CDs of specific themes to play in the Background.  Erdenstern are one such group.  A German based company,  there is a large selection of music compilations of differing themes.  Each compilation has a free taster track, and there are a few unattached free tracks on the website as well.  I am quite tempted by their Into the Dark compilation for my Vampire the Masquerade games…

Ok, so I had very limited time in between my various volunteering shifts (not a complaint) and truth be told, I can only scratch the surface else I would be writing for hours and hours, and your reading would stop long before you got anywhere near the end.  So, I give over the rest of this post to a few photos of other things that I saw.


felt inlaid gaming table
Not sure who the designer of these gaming tables were, but they were cool


This was just cool


Faith - A Garden in Hell Starter
There will be an unboxing video of this in the near future, most likely…


Between 2 Cities
This looked interesting


The Lone Wolf Roleplay Game
This will definitely get an unboxing video


Large Dropfleet Battleship
No, you can’t field that model in Dropfleet


Batman the Boardgame banner
I wonder if the game will have a Pro version that will fit in a Utility Belt? Batman the Boardgame, coming to Kickstarter


Scythe – now appearing on my wishlist


As I say, I can only really scratch the surface of the Expo – I hope this gives a flavour and an encouragement to attend next year.

All the best



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10 thoughts on “It’s more than just the UK Gaming Expo part 3: Being a guest

  1. Soo many cool things that I see here. Posts like these are soooo not good for my wallet lol 😂 Scythe is in my possession and it is a game that I still have not gotten around to playing yet. Not because I don’t like it, but simply because it takes time, and I want to do it justice by giving it that time. It is a seriously wicked looking game though. Great post, glad you had such a great time 😊

    1. Such a fun event, and your wallet isn’t safe yet! Doing a full post for Dead Throne, and like I said before will be doing a couple of unboxings and a post on the Starship Bridge Simulator. So many cool things but had to restrain my spending

      1. Great….well…I’m pretty sure my wallet will be empty when I attend Animecon during this weekend lol 😂😂 Looking forward to your posts 😊

      2. I am going to the Moniaive Comicon this weekend as it happens. Very small event not far from my home town. Alan Grant of 2000 AD runs it apparently. Not sure if there will be any posts but who knows?

    1. Good to meet you guys too, I look forward to hearing from you and will be talking you up where I can

  2. This looks like it was a lot of fun! I’ve never attended a convention, but I think it’d be interesting to volunteer for one. Meeting like-minded people is always awesome, and you got to check out so many cool new games! Excited to read your post on Modern Horrors.

    1. Volunteering was exhausting, but I enjoy doing meet and greet with people so it was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire event and have no hesitation in going back

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