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It’s more than just a roundup of May…

This guy looks a bit familiar...

Hello everyone, you are very welcome here.

Another month has come and gone, and I feel like I haven’t posted as much.  I don’t think my number of posts dropped, but it just didn’t feel as busy as previous months – even though it was immensely busy for me, behind the keyboard.  So, let us talk about what I have been doing of late.


I recently started a Blogging course called “The 12 Week Blogger Course”.  Some of the regular readers might have noticed slight changes in the way I do things, though only slightly.  I changed the landing page for this site a little bit removing the visual of Facebook and twitter (though as I am using twitter more frequently it could well come back) and replaced with a most viewed bar so that people can see what is currently popular on the site.  Credit to Monica at “The Travel Hack” for building the course, it has been incredibly useful.

The two significant things that have changed are my use of social media, and my USP.  My twitter is much busier now, you can follow me on @fantatales (My previous site was fantastic tales & adventures – that is where the handle comes from.  I don’t write stories about orange fizzy drinks, though I could if I wanted), and I now have an (active) Pinterest and Instagram Account  I am still getting used to Instagram.

My USP, unique selling point if you aren’t a corporate drone, is me.  There are plenty of blogs out there that talk about games, review them and share there experiences.  All of this is good, however I wanted to add a bit to it.  I talk a lot about Gaming and its link to creativity.  In fact, I wrote a blog about it not that long ago entitled “It’s more than just gaming: Gaming Leads to other Media”.  It seemed only logical to follow this theme.  So, wherever possible, any time I review something or simply write about an experience of a game or gaming related thing I will try and add a bit of flavour text to give you more of a sensual experience of the game.  I did this quite a few times in my post about Twilight Imperium and my review of V20 Vampire the Dark Ages.



One major objective this month was to play my copy of Twilight Imperium, which was hibernating under my stairs until recently.  I was able to play the game as intended, I actually won but it really didn’t matter.  It was an incredibly fun game, which you can read about by clicking on the link above.An under the stairs gaming cupboard

I played Galactic Civilisations 3, as the Crusade DLC was available.  I thoroughly enjoyed the new mechanics to the game, and I started a Let’s play series.

This guy looks a bit familiar…

I am going to be honest with you.  I won’t be finishing the Let’s play series as I have discovered that talking without sounding horrendously repetitive is really difficulty for the 4x Genre.  I am intending to do other Let’s play series in the future, as a few folk voted for it on my previous survey, however they will be for things like Baldur’s Gate, or Homeworld.  You can still check out my Galactic Civilisations 3 post by clicking the link.  I still love that the avatar looks like me…

Speaking of DLC, Mass Transit for Cities Skylines was also released this month and I have been playing that as well.  I haven’t written a blog post yet, though I daresay I will once I get my city sorted out.  Currently my industrial area is suffering truck bedlam.  Not enough to grind everything to a halt, but enough to make me concerned.  I have ideas how to fix it though.  In the meantime let’s have a pretty picture.

Cities Skylines

A snapshot of my central commercial district -With a Monorail (Yay!) , A Train to Monorail to Metro Hub and the freeway that supplies it.  Also a footbridge because I love seeing the people walking to places

Other Content

I have finished the first arc of the Mycroft Journals serial that I have been writing, and though the final installment didn’t appear until June it was written in May.  The first arc is made up of prologue (parts 1 to 4) and then the main first story (parts 5 to 17).  The 12 parts that make up the first story are the culmination of three roleplay sessions, where my friend Joe and I are at the mercy of our friend Stuart.  It is quite amazing to me that 3 sessions, around 3 hours each spawns quite as much story, but there you go.

As noted above I also did a review of of V20 Vampire the Dark Ages Companion, which you can read by clicking the link above.  Possibly this is of less relevance to folks who don’t play the game, however if you are curious about the Mycroft Journals but can’t commit to 17 parts, the main character appears in 4 pieces of flash fiction in this review.


The Future

I have been trying to get 3 posts a week out regular, however I will be dialing it back to one main regular post, with potential second and third posts but I am no longer going to be building my schedule around the three post structure.  This is because I have a second blog that is being neglected, and In all likelyhood and I really need to devote more time to my fiction alongside my blogging.  I am pretty sure you can understand that.

Just a short post today, please feel free to like, or comment below as I love hearing from you.

All the best



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  1. Sounds like you have been busy!

    • Oh yes. And just back from UK Game Expo today which was a hectic few days to top it all off

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