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A Roundup of April

It is a bit cliche to say that April flew right in, but it has, and so has every month this year so far.  However, cliches become cliches because there is an element in truth to them.  So, let us have a think about April, now that it has flown past.

As for gaming, I got to do a fair bit.  New experiences for me were Time Stories and Star Wars Rebellion.

Star Wars Rebellion

Star Wars Rebellion

The Infirmary

The Infirmary – Time Stories

You can check out my post about Time Stories by clicking the link.  I never did a full post on Rebellion, though it got mentioned in my Gamer’s Road Trip Blog.  Also featuring in that blog was me talking to a stranger and explaining how we could use a lift and a crowbar to find the secret floor in the Lancaster Holiday Inn.  I also wrote about Lords of Waterdeep, though technically that blog was delayed due to scheduling.

I did my first live review of a Gaming Product, the rulebook Lore of the Bloodlines for V20 Vampire the Masquerade.  This was quite a successful post in terms it got a few new faces reading the blog, along with the regular readers.  You can expect more live reviews, some of them rpg books and others of Kickstarters as they arrive.  This was the first live review, as I have done commentary on other games and products that are not new.  This is because this blog is fairly new and I was producing content based on stuff available.  As Kickstarters, and undoubtedly more Star Wars Ships arrive, you’ll get more reviews and unboxing videos.

Speaking of the videos, I have a question for you.  I have spoken to a friend and we are going to do a proper introduction for a youtube channel.  Unboxings will form part of that channel.  My question to you.  What else would you like to see on the channel?  

I mentioned Kickstarter earlier on.  I backed the reprint of Gloomhaven, which I recently learned had been fully funded and that I can expect my copy to arrive around August time.  Am really looking forward to that, and I should thank (hold responsible for being financially poorer as a result) another gamer blogger, Jessi B.  As a result of reading her Kickstart your monday post, I succumbed.  Check her blog out.

Gaming inadvertently made me learn how to cook something that I didn’t know before.  If you are curious how that is possible, go check out How gaming helped me be a more adventurous cook.

Fried Chicken with a mildly hot crunchy batter. How the heck am I supposed to hold it, exactly?

Looks delicious, isn’t it.  Oh, that reminds me, I need to go defrost some chicken…

My ongoing serial, the Mycroft Journals continued with a post a week.  I will be honest with you.  I considered dumping this as a regular feature as stats tell me that these posts get the fewest hits.  However, the hits they do get tend to be the same folks each time, so I get the impression that there is a small but loyal following.  That being the case, it will remain on the blog shamelessly promoting my writing and showing off a Roleplay Game a friend and I are playing in.  If that sounds interesting to you, and you haven’t had a chance to check it out, go ahead and have a look.

Speaking of writing and gaming, what many of you may not know is that by day when I am not reading and writing blogs, I am a freelance writer.  I am working on my first novel and doing other writing and editing jobs.  And, as fortune would have it a friend of mine is planning his third (yes, third) Kickstarter for the near future.  He has a business 3d printing wargame scenery (and he is pretty good at it), and has a new idea that is just a little bit more complex than that, which needs source material written and hopefully editing and whatnot.  I will talk about this more in the future, but since it is early days I am not going to reveal any details.  Trade secrets and all that.

Incidentally, if you are interested in my business as a writer of content/editor, you can check out my work website

And finally, in April I took the pulse of the readers and tried to get a conversation going which was a bit successful.  From that post I took away various things, one of which was that I needed more posts that are just a bit more personal and me orientated (Sounds egotistical, stay with me and it should become clear).  Realistically,you can read reviews anywhere.  The unique thing about this blog is me.  So I will try and do more posts that relate to gaming but allow for more interactivity.  By that I mean, posts that outline why something is so for me and encourages you to answer the same question.  One such post that has received favourable response in this area is my post about Our Characters of Choice.  You got to understand a bit more about me, and why I choose the roles I do in the games I play and I posed that same question to you.  That is what I mean by personal and interactive.

I am going to leave off there before my post simply becomes self indulgent fluff, or merely a catalogue of previous posts.  In May I am hoping to have the following appear:

A post about Twilight Imperium, one of the finest games ever.

A post about gaming and it’s relationship to other media.

More Star Wars unboxings.

More live reviews.

I now leave you with something completely unrelated to gaming.  A youtube clip of my favourite sound effect, ever.


Out of curiosity, what are your favourite sound effects?

Right, off to defrost chicken.

Bye for now

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  1. Explosions!!

  2. A friend of mine just bought Star Wars rebellion and he is highly enjoying it. Honestly it looks awesome. Great things that are coming up on your blog. Looking forward to them 😊

    • Played Twilight Imperium yesterday. Going to pull the photos together shortly and put in a format that is just a bit different, and should have my first let’s play this week. Rebellion is awesome.

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