Curse of the Dark Pharoh – Arkham Horror Expansion Unboxing

Hello everyone.

Recently my weekly shopping bill came £10 under budget and on that exact same day, I noticed that the last Arkham Horror expansion that I needed, Curse of the Dark Pharoh, was on sale for £10.  Being frugal, but also an opportunist, I clicked the necessary buttons to have it arrive the very next day.  This is my unboxing.

Please bear with the video.  For reasons that will become obvious, I do not hold every card up for scrutiny.

I am a big fan of Arkham Horror, though I am reliably informed that there are other games that are both similar to it, and easier to play.  Arkham Horror has a lot of rules, though they do follow a fairly rigid sequence so it is easy enough to learn them.  The difficulty is usually in explaining the rules to new players.  I like the Egyptian feel of this expansion that comes through in the Exhibit Artifacts and spells.  Hopefully I will get a chance to play this game soon!

Anyway, talk to you later.


4 thoughts on “Curse of the Dark Pharoh – Arkham Horror Expansion Unboxing

  1. I recently rediscovered this game. I have not yet played it myself, but I have heard great things about it. I have played both Elder Signs and Eldritch Horror. The lastnamed game was especially enjoyable and has fast grown into one of my favorite alltime games. Looking forward to trying this game out. Great post as always 😊

    1. I am told Eldritch Horror is very similar, and simpler in some respects. Though the blogger who told me that said both games were good. Thanks

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