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Curse of the Dark Pharoh – Arkham Horror Expansion Unboxing

Curse of the Dark Pharoh Box

Hello everyone.

Recently my weekly shopping bill came £10 under budget and on that exact same day, I noticed that the last Arkham Horror expansion that I needed, Curse of the Dark Pharoh, was on sale for £10.  Being frugal, but also an opportunist, I clicked the necessary buttons to have it arrive the very next day.  This is my unboxing.

Please bear with the video.  For reasons that will become obvious, I do not hold every card up for scrutiny.

I am a big fan of Arkham Horror, though I am reliably informed that there are other games that are both similar to it, and easier to play.  Arkham Horror has a lot of rules, though they do follow a fairly rigid sequence so it is easy enough to learn them.  The difficulty is usually in explaining the rules to new players.  I like the Egyptian feel of this expansion that comes through in the Exhibit Artifacts and spells.  Hopefully I will get a chance to play this game soon!

Anyway, talk to you later.

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