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This one goes out to the regular readers – Yes you!

Hello everyone.

This blog has been running for a few months now, and with regular readers, it is getting quite a few hits.  Certainly more than I previously got on previous blog attempts, so with that in mind I wanted to thank you, the readers.

I also wanted to start a conversation with you guys, partly to figure out what you think I am doing right so I can do more of it, and partly because I wanted to get to know my readers a bit better.  So, if you follow me on wordpress or some other blog following tool, or regularly visit via my social media, then this post is aimed at you!

And, if you just happened to land on this post out of curiosity or by accident, this post is aimed at you too!

So, let us start conversation.

Post comments below, saying hello and introduce yourself.  Tell me what brought you to this blog initially, and what brings you back?  What other stuff would you like to see me write about?

Share something about yourself you are willing to share, and let us, writer and reader, build on our growing relationship.

I also encourage you to talk to each other when other people comment.  Blogs aren’t just vanity press, they are community.

I happen to be part of quite a welcoming blogging community on facebook, Geek Blogs Unite, which I encourage any self identifying geeky blogger to join.

Please don’t leave me hanging.  Say hi, don’t be shy.

Oh, and if you are participating, remember – be nice to my guests, as they should be nice to you.


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