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Gloomhaven – Second Printing Kickstarter

Gloomhaven Promo

A blogger I follow has become a recent bad influence on me, searching Kickstarters and doing a “Kickstart your Monday” series of blogs.  If you want to read them, then click on the hyperlink for the most recent one.  (It is a really good post)

I am going to talk about one of the games covered in the original post, Gloomhaven.

I backed the Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter campaign is for a second printing of the game, with some more miniatures and bits and bobs added.  From reading the KS update and watching some of the videos, I have to say I was hooked (It didn’t hurt that Tom Vasel from the Dice tower is quoted as saying it will replace Descent for him.  There were also quotes of support from Richard at Rahdo runs through which didn’t hurt.)

The basic idea.  It is an adventure campaign.  Players choose a character class, get a deck of skills, a character sheet, some gold and they buy gear from the shop in Gloomhaven.  They also gain a personal quest to achieve along the way.

There is a quest book which dictates where players go on the board, which has lots of numbered locations – but no detail.  Detail is added via sticker at a later point.  In essence, the world grows as the adventure does.  Another aspect that appealed to me is that the town, Gloomhaven, becomes more prosperous as you adventure which means more items in the store.

As regular readers know, I love adventure games where you pick characters that develop over time.  That is why I love Descent, it is why I am keen for Super Dungeon Legends (when it finally arrives…).  This game ticks those boxes having evolving characters, evolving maps, and an evolving town.  Plus, I love High Fantasy games.

At time of writing, there is still plenty of time to back this project.  You can do so, or just get a more detailed look, at the Gloomhaven Kickstarter Page.

I can’t really say anymore at this point as I am only giving impressions of the KS campaign.  Will hopefully have first impressions and possibly an unboxing for you later this year.

And if Andrew from Hadrian’s Hobbies, my local Hobby Stockist, reads this post,  I promise I won’t tell your wife if you back this project.  I can’t vouch for everyone else though…

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