Star Wars Armada – Imperial Star Destroyer Unboxing

Hi folks

Just a short update today.  If you recall, I attended a Wargames Show called Albanich last weekend.  You can read about it in my Albanich Blog.

What I didn’t mention was my acquisition of a new toy from Hadrian’s Hobbies, an Imperial Star Destroyer for Star Wars Armada.

Here is my Unboxing Video.


Please excuse the audio quality, I was using my laptop webcam.

Bye for now!

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Armada – Imperial Star Destroyer Unboxing

  1. Seriously cool. A friend of mine is heavily into X-wing, so far he has every ship that has been released to date. Armada looks as cool if not even cooler than X-wing. I have always liked the big capital starships, and the star destroyers are ofcourse the best ships out there. Great video ! 😀

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