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The Tabletop Critique-Eldritch Horror

Eldritch Horror Promotional Material Promotional Material from Fantasy Flight Games

I am a big fan of the game Arkham Horror, by Fantasy Flight Games, as I am a fan of HP Lovecraft (My final dissertation was nearly on him). Many people have told me Eldritch Horror, also by Fantasy Flight Games, is like Arkham Horror, but less complicated and plays quicker. I have never played it, and as games are pricey I don’t intend on buying just now. However, I found this blog on Eldritch Horror and am reblogging with permission. Check it out, as it sounds pretty good.

You can find Eldritch Horror on Fantasy Flight Games or other stockists.

2 Comments on The Tabletop Critique-Eldritch Horror

  1. Talking about coincidence, I have just finished writing a post about this fantastic game 😀 It really is every bit as awesome, as told in this post as well 😊

    • I might have to wait for a second edition, as it looks interesting but I feel I would probably want to complete the set, and I suspect that would be hard 4 years after release

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