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Why We Like Heroes Who Fail (Reblog)

I found this on a fellow blogger’s site a wee while back.  I shared it on my work page and I now share it here because I think it is worthwhile for you guys too.

“Hero” is a term usually used to describe someone who has noble qualities, can conquer outstanding feats, and is the embodiment of courage and valor. The hero(ine) is the person who saves the day against all odds, sometimes without rest and without thanks, and battles on to right the world’s wrongs. They are superhuman – superheroes – and we look up to them and admire them. In games, we are asked to identify with them, and we try really hard.

Except we can’t. We can’t look at Superman in all his super strong, bulletproof glory and say to ourselves, “Yes, self. I am just like that.” We want heroes who are weak. We want heroes who have baggage. And we want heroes who fail, at least a little bit.


Now, this isn’t to say that we don’t like perfect heroes…

For the full text, you’ll have to pay Athena (the author) a visit on the link below.  It is worth your time, I promise.

Source: Why We Like Heroes Who Fail

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