The World of Smog: The Rise of Moloch – Less than 2 days to go on this Kickstarter

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Was busy trying to do some work this morning, when a distracting message from a friend successfully distracted me.  It said “The Risk of Moloch” has less than 2 days left on Kickstarter.  I said “Never heard of it.”

I searched it on Kickstarter and discovered it was in fact called “The Rise of Moloch”.  Here is the Kickstarter video



So, its another dungeon crawl, this time set in alternate Victorian England with a Steampunk/Mythos feel to it.  I haven’t had a chance to watch any videos for it yet, though gameplay appears to be asymmetric (1 player versus everyone else), with one player taking the role of the Nemesis – an individual trying to create an empire of the dead or some such.  The nemesis is faced by the Gentleman of the Unicorn club.

I had a peak at the Kickstarter page, and I have to say, it is very tempting.  I always found things that are Gothic to be fascinating.  I love the idea of fog covered London by Gaslight, with a bunch of gallant souls facing off against the various evil things spawning in the night.  I also very much like the way the playing board will work, with large tiles appearing to represent outside and smaller tiles representing buildings in a district.  Reminds me a bit of Undercity, which you can get HERE (though it appears to be quite hard to get unless you are willing to pay top prices)

The manufacturer is Cool Mini or Not, and I hear various good things about them, with an estimated delivery of 1 year from now.  The prices aren’t bad for what is being offered.  If you have a spare bit of cash, and like Gothic/steampunk then click on the image below to view the Kickstarter page.




See what you think




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2 thoughts on “The World of Smog: The Rise of Moloch – Less than 2 days to go on this Kickstarter

  1. Thanks Andy. Had another look at the Kickstarter this morning and there are a lot of Unlocked Stretch Goals. Not quite on par with Super Dungeon Legends, but enough to make it a good buy.

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