Hello there, and welcome to It’s More than just Gaming, the Website of Writer and Gamer, John Sharp.  As a writer I have had drummed into me a number of instructions, two of which are the basis for this website.  Write Everyday.  And Write what you know.

I am a writer of speculative fiction and I do that quite a lot.  However, as any honest writer will tell you, focusing on any one writing task is actually very difficult for protracted periods of time.  So, in order to keep with the writing, I write about my hobby of gaming.    Some of you are regulars of this site, I am happy to see you back!  And some of you followed me on my former site, Sharp-Writing.com – Welcome to the new home of my writing.  This website is a showcase of my work.  You will find my public writings, namely Games and Writing/Literature Blogs (Including my free fiction), links to services I offer and links to stuff I have for sale.  That is all from me for just now.  Click one of the various links to start reading in your area of choice, and feel free to get in touch via the contact form, through twitter/Facebook or just leave a comment to say hi.  I make every effort to reply to all legitimate contact.  Happy writing and happy gaming!

I’m the one on the left. The other is Scooby Doo…